Yoga Games – Yogi Says

This is a spin on the classic game – Simon Says.


Have all the kids on their mats. Pick poses and say “Yogi Says do….” and pick a pose. Have students follow you as you demonstrate the pose. However, if you say ‘”Do…. pose” and someone does it with you, call out “I DIDN’T SAY YOGI SAYS!”

I don’t like to kick kids out of a game, so I like to tell the student they must help me at the front until someone is called out and replaces them, whereupon they can return to their mat and continue playing. Alternately, if you have a group of students who is eager to be with you all the time, have each student have three tokens (Pom-Poms, beads, stones, whatever), and take one away when they get caught. The one will all their tokens gets to lead the next game/round/a reward.

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